How it happened

When I was a small child, I remember that I loved drawing and painting, but I was persuaded that there was no money to be made in this field and to pursue a ‘proper’ career instead. So I abandoned art in my teens and took up languages instead. Several languages, degrees (including a PhD), and careers later, and already in my fifties, I found myself looking for something else to do.

Whilst I’d done a little bit of cartoony/illustrative/digital stuff over the years, ‘fine art’ was pretty much alien territory for me. Then in August 2014, I slipped on a pen whilst plugging in my printer and broke my arm quite badly, an injury that left me with almost no grip in my right hand. The physiotherapist advised me to squeeze a stress ball, but that was immensely boring. And then a friend, observing that I’d always been ‘a bit arty’, suggested that I try drawing something…



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